Ragol Investment

Ragol provides previously-constituted business companies for acquisition purposes, enabling you to start up your business activity without delay.

Ragol Investments is exclusively dedicated to the sale of business companies and to the company incorporation in Spain encompasses the geographical area of Málaga province, guaranteeing the total inactivity of the company that has been sold as well as its up-to-date standing financially and accounts-wise.

Part of the AFHA® Group, established in 1982, Ragol Investments enjoys the support of this reputable, group with expertise in the field of finance, accounts, labour and business advice and consultancy, and with extensive experience in company consultancy, both independent and private.

Find out here more about the massive benefits involved when you buy a dormant company in Spain in Ragol Investments company.

Benefits of buy a company in Ragol Investments.

Acquiring a dormant company in Spain through Ragol Investments rather than going through the constitutional procedures from scratch, brings unequalled benefits which are set out below:


Time reduction, enabling you to have the company at your disposal and begin your activity. The time it takes to start operating the company is 1 or 2 days instead of the average company constitution time which usually takes between 45 and 60 days from inception. The client can start operating as soon as the signing takes place at the Notary.

Convenience and flexibility

Removal of all inconvenient arrangements surrounding the company constitution. Considerable simplification of deeds processing. Possibilty of carrying out essential modifications by using the  consultancy service of professionals of recognised prestige. Adapting the company to the personalised features of the purchaser.

The need for less liquidity

Ragol clients do not need to pay for the initial company capital layout of 3.000 € nor have it frozen until the company is totally registered, which usually takes between 45 and 60 days. Ragol will have already carried out this arrangement on your behalf, entering the company in the Business Register, thereby ensuring that you do not need to pay for this initial liquidity.


Ragol offers the guarantee of a group of consultant advisers who are experienced in the marketplace, their being highly qualified professionals who have extensive experience of consultancy. The company certifies that the organization purchased is up to date with tax obligations, that there are no outstanding debts and that it has been inoperative since its constitution.


The team of professionals comprising Ragol are committed to safeguarding the information it has available, only using it for the specific ends of the sale of the company and the changes relevant to that same company.

Comprehensive Service

There is the possibility of having access to a wide range of professional services as required by any company, autonomous or private. These are comprehensive services featuring personalised consultancy, both in terms of company constitution as well as labour, financial and accounts consultancy.

Sociedad adquirida - Ragol Inversiones


The customer can start business activity with the company from the signing day before the Notary, while Ragol Inversiones S.L. is responsible for the complete procedure of the Notarial deeds until their final registration in the Commercial Register office.
Also, Ragol counts on available special Power of Attorney models for when immediate action is needed regarding any alterations made and before the registration in the Commercial Register entity.

Capital Social - Ragol Inversiones


No, it is not necessary any disbursement of social capital. Ragol has already made such disbursement, so the only cash outlay that the buyer of the Company needs to effect is the priceof the cquisition of the company, Look for price of purchase of the Company.